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Where your money goes at Community Suds...

Happy August!

As we gear up to start serving the Southern California area, we want to discuss all the ways you can now support Community Suds, and the impact your specific support make.

Ways to give:

1. Old Fashion Money: (We take new fashion money too…aka online donations)

The most common and often easiest way to support our organization is through unrestricted monetary donations. This allows us the opportunity to allocate the money where it would be most effective and impactful.

Monetary donations are distributed towards strengthening the community partnership program and laundry care program within our organization. We have partnered with the East County Transitional Living Center to help provide hygiene and toiletry products to individuals and families transitioning from being unhoused into finding secure housing. This partnership will allow us the opportunity to expand our impact in the Southern California community. We are also diligently working to strengthen and grow our laundry care program, that provides access to laundry facilities for people experiencing homelessness, where they are able to wash their clothing and bedding free of charge. For every $14 donated towards the laundry care program provides 2 loads of laundry, including all necessary detergents and sanitizing products.

2. Shop our Amazon wish list

Quick question, who doesn’t love Amazon? We most certainly do! BUT, if you happen to be a person that has a vitriol reaction towards all things Amazon, would you change your mind if you knew that purchasing items off our Amazon wish list would help people in need?

Our amazon wish list is comprised of items we include in our hygiene bags that support our Suds Essentials program. This program provides sustainable and/or eco-friendly hygiene products for the unhoused community in the Southern California area. Our current goal is to serve 100 people with supplies. Click HERE to see current needs and to shop our wish list.

3. Scentsy 'til you drop

There’s nothing better than a good quid pro quo situation, RIGHT? When you shop our SCENTSY link, 25% of your purchase is donated back to Community Suds.

When you choose to support our organization by shopping the Scentsy link, you are supporting overhead costs that keep Community Suds going. Everything from merchandise costs, funding for events, and business/administrative needs. Although this isn’t always the most glamorous form of giving, it’s what keeps the machine going. You get to shop amazing products while also supporting our organization, it’s the ultimate win/win situation.

Our goal is always transparency about how your donations are dispersed throughout our organization. It also gives you the opportunity to actively participate and grow programs within Community Suds that you are passionate about.

Ending homelessness takes a community effort and we are so grateful for your continued

love and support.

Together lets keep moving towards…

“Ending homelessness one load at a time”.


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