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Spring Into Action Volunteer Event

On March 11th, Community Suds held its first volunteer event in San Diego!

Our volunteers assembled one hundred hygiene kits that included products like body wipes, deodorant, feminine hygiene, first aid supplies, and grooming tools to help people experiencing homelessness establish daily hygiene routines.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, donated money, and supported us through our transition to California. The community we've been able to create in a short amount of time has been inspiring and makes our work more fulfilling. We look forward to continued growth as we develop innovative and creative ways to help the unhoused gain continued access to hygiene and sanitation resources.

If you are interested in participating in upcoming events at Community Suds, please sign up for our email list to receive notifications for future events. To offer immediate support to for organization, we encourage you to support our current laundry care fundraiser. Click here to donate today!

Let's continue ending homelessness one load at a time!


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