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We are Community Suds, and our mission is to eliminate the barriers that prevent access to hygiene and sanitation practices for individuals experiencing homelessness. Our efforts are focused on creating sustainable solutions that address the complex challenges of establishing hygiene routines that the unhoused face. We work collaboratively with local communities and other organizations to achieve our goals.

Suds Essentials 

Our Suds Essentials Program provides critical hygiene and sanitation products to people experiencing homelessness. Our kits contain products or tools that will help alleviate hygiene hardships while being accessible and easy to travel with. This program was developed to restore dignity and to help reduce mental and physical barriers that poor hygiene can cause. People experiencing homelessness are more likely to suffer from reoccurring infections, especially on the skin when unable to practice sufficient hygiene routines. Through the Suds Essentials Program, our goal is to eliminate sanitation distress caused by homelessness. 

Laundry Care 

The purpose of the laundry care program is to give our members access to laundry facilities. Through  partnerships  with local laundromats we are able to provide access to washers, dryers, and laundry cleaning products free of charge to our members on a monthly basis.  

Community Partnerships

We partner and collaborate with local nonprofit organizations that serve people experiencing homelessness, by providing laundry and hygiene resources to the members their members. The goal of this program is to establish community relationships and deepen our impact on ending homelessness in our society. 


Community Suds was founded in April 2020 by Briana Swanson and Riya Foster, two friends who were passionate about uplifting and serving their community. During the unprecedented  COVID-19 pandemic the importance of health and hygiene became greater than ever, but Briana and Riya realized the unhoused residents in their communities were largely excluded from the conversation. They put their resources together and founded an organization that prioritized their community's most vulnerable residents and launched Community Suds Inc. 

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Co-Founder & Executive Director
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