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The Climate Change & Homelessness Connection

We all know that climate change is a hot button and often polarizing issue not only in our country but throughout the world. Warming weather, rising sea levels, and wildfires are some visual effects of the climate changing in our communities today. As an organization, we are making the commitment to operating and providing products that are sustainably sourced and/or ecologically friendly. Our commitment to protecting our planet from climate change is deeply connected to our work because it's directly effecting the people we serve daily.

The conversation surrounding the dangers of climate change often do not include the devastating effects it’s currently having on people experiencing homelessness. Climate change exacerbates hardships for people experiencing homelessness. When people have limited or zero access to shelter, they are exposed to extreme weather conditions which present many dangers. According to National Academies “Extremely hot weather can make people sick and even die. Heatwaves are the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States, killing more than 600 people each year."

Climate change is also restricting access to affordable housing and is having a significant impact on ending homelessness in our society. The Legislative Analyst’s Office, reported, “climate change

will necessitate changes to existing homes and communities, affect housing costs, and have disproportionate impacts on low‑income residents. In many cases, impacts will be felt most acutely by low‑income households who disproportionately live in (1) areas of the state that will be exposed to higher risks and (2) types of housing that are typically less resilient.” So not only is climate change having dangerous consequences for people who do not have shelter, it's also limiting their opportunities to access affordable and secure housing .

Fighting climate change alone can feel insurmountable and we often assume its consequences far away, but that is no longer the case. Climate change is here and having a severe effect on the most vulnerable people in our community. At Community Suds, we will continue advocating for people impacted most by climate change, replacing the products we provide with eco-friendly or carbon neutral options, and we are continuously evaluating ways we can have a greater impact in the protection our environment and community.

Together we are reversing climate change and...."Ending homelessness one load at a time"


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